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    Organic tree chandeliers By Giuseppe Licari 

    Giuseppe Licari created a network of extended tree roots hanging from the ceiling like organic chandeliers. He was born in 1980 in Erice, Sicily. He studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and spent a year of studies at AKI Enschede, in the Netherlands, at the Monumental Departments of Art. There he got in contact with site-specific installations. Since then, installations, happenings, and ephemeral art have become the main field of interest for him. Giuseppe builds celestial environments using different materials with particular reference to nature. This is a site-specific installation titled “Humus” which refers to the soil layer that is necessary for the growth of trees and plants. The roots of trees are attached to the top of a constructed ceiling, transforming the room into a sort of underground lair. The artist tries to give to the audience an active role in his work.

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  3. "ちょっと賢い人だと、芸術というのは様式に還元されて見える。たしかにそうなんだけど、そう見てる自分が様式を超える部分でどう芸術に出会うか、その奇妙な出会いとその意味への問いがないと、頭のいいニヒリズムになるだけ。"
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    in the spirit of valentine’s day, I made a thing

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